Custom orders & my creations :)

I really enjoy making one of a kind projects for people. I want you to love what we create together. Each project is a personalized experience, putting in time getting to know your why and what your overall vision is for the final product.

If you don’t know what you want to get someone I am great with coming up with ideas based on the person.

Here are some of my creations

Gift baskets for Peppermint Pig animal rescue event 6/29/19 these will be raffled off at the event. All proceeds go to the shelter.


gallery ids=”1066,1065,1064,1063,1062,1061,1047,1046,1045,1044,1043,1042,1041,1040,1039,1029,1028,1027,1026,1025,1024,1023,1022,1021,1020,1019,1018,1017,1016,1015,1014,1013,1012,1011,1010,1009,1007,1006,1005,1004,1003,1002,1001,1000,999,998,997,996,995,994,993,992,991,990,989,988,987,986,984,983,982,981,980,979,978,977,976,975,974,971,970,950,781,777,691,577,485″ type=”columns”]


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